kx100 tank swap

hi, we are looking at buying a 1999 kx100, we like the look of the newer bikes with two shrouds would a tank off of a newer 85/100 fit and bolt up to this bike? thanks

I am running an IMS desert tank on my 95 KX100 with two shrouds and it looks pretty good. Just needed a bit of basic fabrication to get it to work. The newer bikes with two shrouds have a bracket on the left side of the frame to hold the lower front shroud mount. You'll need to make your own bracket to hold it. I'm willing to bet the new tank will mount up on your bike pretty easily, check out www.ronayers.com microfiche to see if you can tell where they mount.

we have a 2000 with a IMS tank - the tank has mounts for radiator guards on both sides. I ordered a set of guards for a 2003 model and bolted them on. You will have to fabricate a couple of frame mounts - but no big deal


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