I was just reading an article in T.W.O. mag about the Knatterjack Enduro, it seems that this was the only event to decide the U.K.'s national champ (sounds like that would of been one serious race).I also noticed that all the bikes in the event had to run a trials-universal type tyre, is this the norm for British enduros? If so it would have to effect your choice of bike for that type of event.

Quite a few events do now specify trials rear tyre (some even a front)..Depends who owns the land. Cant understand why the army are so worried about this when the tanks do quite a nice job of chewing up the land. I can't be bothered to change my tyres to take part in these events..I still end up on my arse with full motocross tyres..people do say that using the trials tyres improves your skill !


'99 WR

Trials tyres are used on the Natterjack as they cause less damage to the land. It's the only British Championship round to use these tyres the rest specify enduro tyres to F.I.M standards.

A lot of british ACU southern centre specify the use of trials tyres as this is part of centre rules.

:) Anybody had the mis-fortune of riding a "legal" trials tyre on the road?? Once only for me, it's like riding Bubblegum!

Not sure how they work out the less damage bit, surely the more you spin the worse it is?

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