my new yz400F

Ok guys so i was on ebay and there was this 400F not in that bad of shape but his reserve was 360 and i offered him 400 and he took it so i got it today and its not that bad but it doesnt run. I was told it has a new top end but it doesnt have enough compression to start it like i can use my hand to push the kickstarter down. I have no idea what it can be. This is a project bike so its about to be torn down and fixed up and i want to get the motor working first so does anyone have any ideas or places to start?

Maybe the compression release is sticking? Or the valves are way out of adjustment and don't close? That's what I would start with.

I thibnk thats what it is

lol dude i saw that 400f on ebay that looks like a good deal

Good luck.

you will have more clues when you open it up I guess..

well i opened her up and i did the basic reoiling everything and the little tricks i got a little more compression but not enough so start it for sure. So my guess is that piston rings or the valves by looking at it.

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