Driving lights

Ok fellas check this out, picked up a pair of cheap ass lights from pep boys cause I know Im bound to go down sooner or later....later if you ask xr400rider1, the pics are kinda crappy took em with my phone but what do you think? They work great lighting up that dark area around the front of the bike that the stock light just wont do :lol:Image247.jpg and Image249.jpg

oh and the best part is where they mounted, I took the screw out of the lower tank mount you know the coat hanger that comes with the clarke tank and put it threw the light bracket and back in the tank :lol:

Like it! How did you wire it in? I think it would be better to mount a different way! IF you ever crash, it would not do good things for your tank. How about using the old brackets coming of the frame?

well thats what I was gonna do but the light brackets are cheap plastic and if I tear them up theyre sure to break before the tank, plus they sit in kinda close to the tank and a nornmal lay down wont really effect them much...

I tapped into a hot wire in the dash, and hiot glued the swicth to the dash and grounded each light to the frame brackets. Really easy and looks clean cause I soldered and used heat shrink on all connections :lol:

what kind of power draw are you looking at. 35w?

I think thats about what they are, theres no dimming of the lights at all even at idle

Cool man, those are the same lights I put on my girls TTR 90's. They give much better light than the stock XR400 I ride. Mine were $16 for the pair from autozone or wal-mart...don't remember, and use 55w bulbs. The blue went great with the TTR's.

The TTR stator is already wired...they use they same motor in a scooter or something.


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