Assembly Lube or engine oil ?

Ok Guys,

I've got my camshafts out to change the shims following the excellent instructions I found in the technical says to re-assemble using assembly lube..Struggling to find this in the U.K, getting the reply 'don't stock it never used to sell any'. Anybody know where I can buy this in the U.K and any brand names I can ask for ? Or should I follow the advice from the local shop..just use engine oil ?

Cheers Shane.

Engine oil will work perfectly! You might want to use assembly lube if you are not going to run the bike for several months after you assemble it.

Good Luck.

Bel Ray is one brand name. Did you try going to an auto repair shop and just asking if the could goop a bit of it into a plastic cup. You only need about as much as you put on your tooth brush. I have been told by several mechanics that assembly lube is a must. They gave me some so it wasn't like they were trying to sell me something.

I agree that oil should be fine, especially since you are not installing any new parts that will be subjected to friction. Okay, technically the shims are because the buckets rotate but I think a drop of oil on either side of the shim will do.

But if you can find some Bel Ray molybdenum disulfide assembly lube that is what was recommended to me when I rebuilt my ’00 (the manual calls for moly disulfide lube). Since I got a fairly large (aerosol) can I used it when I reshimmed my ’01. Do they not sell Bel Ray stuff in the UK?

Also, to be safe you should put the buckets back in the holes they came out of. Hopefully you kept track of that, although I don’t know that this matters.

You should be able to find it in any engine shop. If it contains Moly that's best. Be sure to try to dab it on the end of the valve stem before putting the shim in there. Or, just liberally coat the shim on both sides.

- Make sure the shim rotates once in place.

- Try to put the numbered side of the shim facing up. This way you can read the size in the future. Else, the number written onto the shim will get partially or fully erased by the end of the valve stem.


Thks for the adive guys..I now have a pot of Belray Assembly lube. My local bike shop hadn't heard of it but ordered it for me..If anybody in the U.K wants some contact me..I must have enough for a few hundred camshaft overhauls. Shane.

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