true 06yz450 to 07yz450 comparison

I went out yesterday to my local garbage pit track. I rode my YZ450 for about an hour, and when you ride on a hard, choppy, rutted rock laiden track with many tight corners, having a more forgiving bottom end is PRICELESS. I had a good rythem going on my YZ. I then jumped on my buddies '06 KX450F, and man did I struggle with that bike! His KXF is all hard hitting bottom to mid snap and power. I kept feeling the front end lift and push in all the corners. We also did a 200 yard drag race and he did beat me by about a bike length, but again the other 90% of the time, the YZ IMO is the preferred bike. My buddy even commented he loved my YZ.

The worst part about the push on the KXF is that it pushes on the way out of the turn, under power. The YZF will push on turn in a little (really very close to neutral between under and over steer), but just a little extra throttle makes the push go away. Overall, it's an extremely easy bike to ride fast.

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