Anyone have any idea if an XT 350's Speedo will hook up directly to WR450 OD cable?

Seen a few threads that suggest this might work...:lol:

I can't guarantee it, but it's probably a go. I have speedometers/odometers on four of my bikes and they all have the same connection on the speedometer end of the cable.

Yes, It will hook right up. I have been using this set up for almost 4 years now and just like a Timex, "It takes a lickin and keeps on tickin" I had to fabricate a mount for the XT speedo but it was worth it.:lol:


Seriously, this will be accurate? It can't be that easy.....

If the XT350 has a 21 inch wheel, it will be accurate.

I ride with others who have speedometers on their bikes and one guy with a GPS and my speedo is as acurate as theirs. I am using the XT speedo for a 2001 model.


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