Help!!! Everybody!!!

Ok, I posted here last week and you guys were all a huge help, but I am really getting frustrated, because I just can't get this thing to run right and it's going to make me take it to a shop soon and I don't want to do that, so I noticed a few things this weekend while riding, hopefully they might help narrow down the list of things it might be. First a little backstory for those who don't have any clue what I'm talking about: I've got a 1993 XR600R, bone stock except for the carb which is Mikuni Flatside TM series. I'm having carb problems where it either won't idle, or if I turn up the idle enough to here it idles nicely, it wants to drive itself, like the setting is too high and the RPM won't settle down to idle soon enough so that I get engine braking. So, here's what I noticed this weekend: First, it backfires, ALOT. What does this mean? Also, I noticed that it only does the driving itself thing occasionally, and it almost feels like the throttle plate is sticking open. Like it'll get stuck at the elevated RPM, then if I tap the throttle it'll calm down. I WD'd the throttle cable and assembly and everything and it still did it. It just feels like the plate is sticking open. How can I fix that with a flatside carb when the plate is plastic and the track that it slides in is aluminum? Also, can someone please point me in the direction of a Mikuni carb manual? PLEASE? There has got to be someone here who knows where there is one online somewhere??? HELP GUYS???

have you had the carb off the bike and if so how far did you take it a part

First thing to check is the pilot jet in the carb. Completely remove it from the carb (I'm assuming you are sufficiently familiar with the bike to do so. If not let us know). Get a can of aeresol carb cleaner & spray enough into the lid of the can to immerse the jet in it for a few hours then spray it out with compressed air & re-install it. Try this first & let us know if it helps.

jclaus98, Welcome to TT..:lol:

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check Sudco for exploded views of your carb. piolt adj?

Thanks for the input guys, I've had the carb apart once, but didn't really want to completely tear it apart without knowing the specifics of how to put it back together in case I fouled something up. Thanks to the guy who suggested Sudco, that was perfect. I will definitely try soaking the pilot jet, I also want to try a new throttle cable since it feels like that may have something to do with it also, would that be something I get from the Honda dealer, or from Mikuni since it's an aftermarket carb? Lastly, does anyone know where I can get the tuning specs for the Mikuni, ie. 1 and 1/8 turns out for pilot screw, 8 turns out for pilot jet, so on and so forth, so that I know what the baseline for everything is? Just in case, again, I foul something up disassembling or reassembling it, to the point where I can't get it to run again! Thanks again guys, please a few responses to those last few questions and I think I can have this wrapped!

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