WR450f CDI Question

I have a 2004 WR450f

Where I live, our dirtbiks are our main mode of transportation in the city and the countryside. Many friends have had their CDI boxes stolen by kid gangs. VERY hard to replace in Cambodia.

My question is, how much air exposure/cooling does my CDI require?

I want to relocate it behind my left radiator, or under the fuel tank where gremlins cannot get to it. I thought of the air box, but it is a bit tight, concerned with not enough air flow to carb.

Any ideas or experience to help me save my CDI?

Thanks from Dave in Cambodia :lol:

It actually could fit quite nicely into your airbox w/ little-to-no hassle. You'd have to lengthen the wires, unfortunately. Air flow would not be much of a prob, if any at all.

Don't worry about air flow. The 07 WR450 already has it mounted behind the left number plate.

It is in a black box without any cooling fins, it should not need any special cooling. Choose the place you see best fit to protect it.

Very same thing happens in Lesotho at The Roof of Africa race, if you run out of fuel or have a small breakdown & leave your bike the CDI box is stolen, half an hour later these guys will approach you selling a CDI unit that miraculously fits your bike. You either buy it back for a few $ or are stranded.

Thanks for the response Thumper-Brothers. Better safe than ......... walking and pushing!

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