XR250, WR250, or KLX300?

Which would you guys say is the best bike for tight boney trails. New England style. It's actually for my wife, shes 5'6" 130lbs. and very athletic. So I'm not afraid to get her one of these bikes.

I'm leaning towards the xr for it's lack of radiators and I'm guessing threaded valve adjustments. I would be riding the bike too. I'm 185lbs. It's got to have enough snort to get her up any hill that I can climb on my DRZ.

I may be dual sporting the bike so that is a consideration too. But I think the most important factors would be trail worth chasis, light weight, durability, low maintanence, crash damage resistance!

trail worth chasis, XR, KLX

light weight, WR

durability, XR

low maintanence, XR

crash damage resistance XR

You are probably looking for an XR250.

FYI: The XR200 is a very different bike from the XR250. It's not just 50cc smaller. The 2003 CR230F with electric start will probably still have wimpy suspension, but the e-button is tempting. Then again, the 2003 WR has the e-button, though the engine is designed to rev to 13,500. XR's just happly grunt along.

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Glad to see you have set your priorities! That makes it easier to recommend.

First off, all three are great bikes that are great pleasure trail bikes, and all would be capable of keeping up with the DRZ if properly ridden. They are all different and have their individual strengths/weaknesses, but the weaknesses are not that significant.

I would recommend going with the one that would be easiest/cheapest for you to maintain. If you will be counting on having the dealer maintain, definitely buy the one with the best support. If you do all your own work, check part prices for the most common parts (brake pads, bodywork, etc)

If all that is equal, pick the one she likes the best. Which fits her best? I suspect the KLX would be a perfect fit. And hey, if she wants to pick by color, so be it! Like I said, they will all do her well!

HONDA XR250 with a 300cc big bore kit is the hot setup. MUCH MORE LOWEND. Even the XR250 has more low end than the WR250. Everyone talks about light weight on the Yamaha WR250. What is the actual weight, dry tank ? I bet it isn't 5 lbs. difference, if that. The Honda is actually lighter than Honda claims ( Wierd, as most are heavier ). A dry Honda 250 weighs 237 lbs. add 5 lbs for oil. Remember Dry weight on a Yamaha WR250 means the radiators are empty also.


Dwight :)

I've done a search on some related topics and have found alot of great information. I'm leaning toward the honda in a big way. She's not afraid to kick the bike either. Plus there is alot to be said about being able to dump your bike and not worrying about springing a leak in your radiator.

Someone posted that there is more aftermarket support for the XR. They seem like they can be had for a good price. What types of extra bits are a nessesity on these? Bash plate, hand guards, side covers? I wouldn't put a pipe on one, I like the stealth mode.

Basic XR250 accessories:

Acerbis style wrap around handguards. Lets the bike slide when dropped. Reduces broken levers to nil. The stock handguards are useless.

Baja Designs skid plate. Cheap and lots of protection to sides cases and bottom.

Quiet is good as noise is fatiguing and annoys the neighbors.

Pull the intake snorkle. Add a Uni-Filter. Drill 3 holes 1/4" in the exhuast (Search for Gordon's Mods for XR400.) or get a Vortip insert. The same exhaust mods leave an XR400 at 93db. Rejet for a good boost in power.

You didn't say if your wife has any riding experience. Putting a 5'6" novice on any of these bikes would be a sure fire way to turn her away from riding quickly. You're going to want lower seat height for her unless you like comical tip overs and hopping mad women. Just starting a tall XR/KLX/WR will make her so mad she'll scream. Stall it on an obstacle and watch her yell. IMHO you should look at the new CRF230 for her. Honda appears to have fixed many things that were wimpy on the 200 which this bike replaces.

Good Luck!

Thanks for the advice Snapper. I would hate it if I bought her this bike and she didn't ride it. I'll check out the crf too.

I'm with RedSnapper on the notion that if your wife hasn't ridden before, she would be better off starting on the the CRF230, although you would be purchasing a brand-new bike and then you'd have to add the extras like skidplate and brush guards.

You might look into a newer used XR200 which has all the goodies and let her ride that until she gets the basics down, then consider upgrading.

My fiancee is 5'06", 120 lbs and and has ridden my bike, which has the 300 kit, skidplate, and just about everything else you can imagine.

Her major complaint was the bike's weight, since she had to pick it up a few times after she fell. She's no slouch when it comes to manual labor and would run circles around most guys, but we decided if we do get her a bike, it would be an XR200.

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