GYTR Flywheel Install

I'm planning on installing a GYTR flywheel on my new '05 YZ450 and was wondering if someone could answer me this:

On the YZ 250 2-stroke the plastic ignition cover is easily removed to expose the flywheel/stator. But on the 4-stroke it looks externally as if I may need to get passed the oil somehow since the fill hole is incorporated into the engine cover on that side.

Is it a simple pull-the-cover-and-get-out-the-flywheel-puller procedure like with the 2-stroke, or is there more to it????

I haven't taken delivery of the bike & manual yet so I can't really check it out yet on my own.

Thanks all for the advice as to what's beyond that cover....

If you start the engine and run it just long enough to purge the sump (60-100 seconds), you can open the ignition cover with the bike upright and loose only a few drops of oil. Have a new gasket handy.

It uses the same puller as the two-stroke, and the procedure is otherwise exactly the same.

What about with bike on it's side???

You can do that, too, but there's no need to once the bike's been run for a couple of minutes.

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