'05 wr450 - midrange burble

Could anyone please give me some advise.

I have a wr450 and has been fitted with a yoshi pipe and rejetted. It has great low and high power but burbles midrange. I've taken off the smog kit and since I dropped the needle pos to one off the bottom its become much better. It still burbles a little midrange. Im told there is a grey wire that needs to be cut.

Also the needle is pretty darn thick ?

many thanks

Dude, Your like at the wrong spot for your ??


:confused: I know, I realized after I posted. Im still new at this.

Sorry to all...

Anyway, I have a xr650r too, does anyone know about the new motor honda is bringing out ???? Apparently they were using them in the baja 1000 and at the end of the race they pulled the motors and took them before anyone could get pictures !!! Im also told that honda are discontinuing

the Xr650r ???? :lol:

Yeah, cut the grey wire! Then pull one of the tuning forks off the tank if it still rings, you cut the right wire! :confused: Just kidding. Numerous threads on the speculation of honda's plight with the most dependable motors they ever built here.:lol: Oh, welcome to TT, excuse the ribbing, its an initiation thing.

No problem

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