XR's Rule!!!!!!

I finally got my 84 XL600R back together and XR's Only rules!!!!!! My 101mm motor is nice and tight again, Exhaust system is trick, all my parts are great!!! I will continue to do business with these guys in the future!!!!!!!!! I found comunication with these guys is key!!!!! Kamell is an awsome sales/customer service guy!!!!!!!!!!! I know that many people have had problems with XR's Only and they have definitely been trying real hard to correct the problems and deal with customer issues! #1 in my book!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I never really have problems with them either.

Kamell is a good bro.

Bill I am glad you got your bike all worked out and that I am thrilled your happy with Kamell I was starting to wonder there for a while. :lol: Now then hows that knee? Can you ride now?

pics of the bike?

Bike is going to a friend as soon as I finish with all the little quirks and I am looking for XR650L so I can get Estart to save any more damage from trying to start a bike with my r. knee and I see the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow for surgery options. I am going to have XR's Only build my XR650L motor with 103mm kit, cam, jets,rod, the works!!!!!!! I trust these guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill, Great to hear the good news:thumbsup: , Any pics..

How about a ride report...:lol:

I have done business with them and had no problems..

:confused: :confused:

Digi cam got crushed in unfortunate roll over! Sorry no pics at the moment. I get the bike back saturday from the shop doing final fidlle bits. Will keep everyone posted!!!!

Got the bike back this morning and MAN! Does this thing have power from hell!!!!! Pipe sounds great! Makes me wish I wasnt getting rid of it!! Well I hope that when I get a XR650L it will be able to have at least the same power or better with XR's only Big bore kit 103mm kit, pipe, jets, valves, cam and anything else I can add on to the beast!!!!!! My poor right leg cant handle the strain of trying to start one of these so it will be a estart bike from this point on. I am not going to be able to hang with the big dawgs anymore but I can still enjoy the ride and have an ocassional wheelie and mild jump. I look forward to doing business with Kamell at XR's Only soon with intentions of building a fire breathing BRP!!!!!!!!!!! Their parts were excellent and the service was great!!!!!!!!!

Thanx Kamell & gang!!!!


You may be able to have the best of both worlds!

I seem to recall an E-start upgrade available for a XR600 but can't seem to find any info now.... Maybe it was only for a XR650R, I will keep looking. I am kind of brain dead at the moment

XL600R is gone to a better home now. I will be in the market for XR650L soon!!!!!!I cant wait to start new fire breathing BRP project! I really appreciate all the help and info I have gotten from all the folks here! I look forward to more info and help from all you BRP riders again with my XR650L project. I'll be looking for late 90's to early 2000 bike soon.


I've heard its more the ordering from afar thats the problem with xr's only.I live in Canada & have been sceptical as to order or not from these folks.It's good to finally hear some positive.perhaps i'll take a chance.Enjoy the ride while you have it.

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