'05 wr450 - midrange burble

Could anyone please give me some advise.

I have a wr450 which has been fitted with a yoshi pipe and rejetted for baja. It has great low and high power but burbles midrange. I've taken off the smog kit and since I dropped the needle pos to one off the bottom its become much better. It still burbles a little midrange. Im told there is a grey wire that needs to be cut.

Also the new needle seems really thick ?

many thanks

My advice is to carefully read the stickies first. I'd bet 99% of what your looking for is in there...SC


Try the stuff in the "Sticky" first

If you still need more then look into adjusting your TPS voltage

You will need to do your homework on this one (use search function)


Sounds like the burble is from too rich a needle setting. Not knowing your bike, you may need to go up or try a different needle.

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