Gear slip from 2nd to neutral

Hey guys, Searched the threads and I dont see anyone with my problem. I have app. 550 miles on an 06 and just recently started using Maxim 4 Syn Blend. Partial synthetic. This seems to be a new experience only when I'm pushing the bike real hard on deceleration and hitting a corner hard. It grabs my attention real fast when I'm counting on the bikes torque to slow me and it doesnt. The question is do you think my oil change is the problem or do you think I may have something else going on. I do drive the bike very hard but I do not grind the gears and I use the clutch properly?? Thanks:confused:

Do you have any metal in the oil? The cause for your problem could be your foot hitting the shift lever or a bent shift fork. If the fork is bent some gears will be involved. You could go back to regular oil to test check? Good luck!

No metal in oil, its very clean. My concern was, is there anything wrong like an adjustment or maybe just the viscosity of the partial synthetic blend is allowing for the slippage in comparison to a regular blend of oil. Thanks

I run semi in my '05 wth no problems. If your tranny is slipping out of gear on hard decelleration it sounds like something is worn out.

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