sand dunes and wr450?

have any of you guys ridden your wr450 at glamis or any other sand dune areas? how does it do compared withe the mx 450? did you have to do anything to the bike as far as gearing?

i've ridden the WR out at glamis quite a bit. it's a blast. just throw a paddle on it, and you'll love it. i kept the stock gearing

i used to ride a KTM 450SX out there, and i like the WR more. the light flywheel (and my laziness with the clutch) led to a lot of stalling. the transmission and gearing for the WR is fine. i found that starting out in 2nd gear is best, or you'll dig a hole.

the weight of the bike isn't a big deal, and that e-start really comes in handy. i have more fun on the WR than the KTM.

i'm not sure on the WR450's but my 99 wr400f will beat any quad up comp (anywhere) and most of the mx style 450's... i keep getting beat by the 2 smokers though :lol: start off in second like kskyles said and it will jump right up on top of the sand while everyone else is sitting there spinning!

I ride a wr426 and it has only seen sand its entire life.. you will be fine! Stock gearing is good dropping a tooth in the front is better for the torque but im a bigger guy so it was necessary. you will be fine... slap a paddle on and ride it.. :lol: Kings Turbo Paddle 8 cupper... hit up the TT store they got em

A few years back all I did was ride 2 wheels in the sand and I tried every tire there was even the spendy Skat Trak. The very BEST was a cheap 10 paddle Cheng Shin. Yes the King paddle has taller paddles but I think the angle of the scoops are off a bit and the paddle itself does not wrap around the tire on the the side-wall so if you cornered to hard all of a sudden it slid out.

The 450's have plenty of poop to pull the 10 paddle, maybe even a 12. Dont even mess around with an 8 paddle, maybe if your on a 125 two stroke.... or is someone gives you an 8 paddle for free.

Im not saying Im the all knowing authority on bike paddles its just my .02... Hope it helps. :lol:

I have a 2001 wr426f. It do many dune riding at Little Sahara, Utah. Runs great. I drop the primary to a 13 and the rear to a 51. Climbs great and runs every hills and bowl out there. I run with or with out a paddle depending on sand conditions.

I ride a 2001 wr426. It kills at Pismo. I ride with a 10 paddle Cheng Shin and It does great! Definetly start in 2nd and keep the rpms up.

All my riding is in the desert and the WR450 is great.:lol: I run stock tires and it hauls ass. Keep the speed up :confused: and you will be fine:applause:

The WR is a blast in the sand. I have a 10 paddle tire and the bike just rips. The best part about it is you already have a headlight and tail light. I'm heading back out on Feb 2nd.

Atacama Desert Dunes (CHILE) :

Stock tires (130/90 Rear), no free mods so far. Plenty of power...sweet rides.


That's a huge rear tire!

That's a huge rear tire!

2007 model is sold stock worldwide with Dunlop Enduro D908 130/90 Rear and 90/90-21 front. Only in USA is sold with narrow tires, maybe because of regulations....



Pull that peashooter out of the exhaust :ride:

have any of you guys ridden your wr450 at glamis or any other sand dune areas?

Yes, Glamis, Pismo, Dumont.

how does it do compared withe the mx 450?

MX bikes have more of a hit and weight a little less.

did you have to do anything to the bike as far as gearing?

Stock on a 05 is 14/50 moved up to 15/50.

Alway's have a ton of fun out there. sure a stock CRF/YZF will do circles around you, but you'll get to ride at night, push the happy button and not kick start, and never over heat:applause:

Eddie :ride:

Pull that peashooter out of the exhaust :ride:


wr's were built for the sand dunes, look in your manual. 2nd page says the wr450 was built specifically for making every other bike on the dunes look like they're stuck in first gear

I recently went to Pismo Beach and my wr was the king of the drag strip. I was not beaten by any other bikes both 2 and 4 stroke. Most quads were not an issue either unless they had thousands of dollars into them. The bike was very stable and easy to ride in the sand. 06 wr450 free mods, white bros e2, uni filter, quickshot, stock gearing and 8 paddle. I hit hi 70's on the strip in 4th gear. Tons of dune climbing power, and the wheelies were unstopable. Best bike Ive ever owned

Beat any bike out there and stock gearing is fine and 8 paddle is the best. Just start in second and pin it to win it.

What kind of extra maintenance do you do after a ride in sand? I am not too far from Rexburg Idaho and the dunes in Salt Lake City Utah I have often thought it would be a blast to rip around in the sand! I have concerns about damage from the sand though....


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