Changing Gears

I just bought an 07 WR450. Love the bike! For the last three years, I rode a KX250, and I never used the clutch lever to change gears. I never had a clutch issue, or a break down due to not using the lever. Now that I've invested a nice chunk of change on the 450 I want to get some other opinions or history from some of you on the lever. Is it smarter to use it, or just a waste of time.

Hi There,

I did a search on this when I got my 06 model and the concensus is that going up through the gears use the clutch due to the load on the transmission. Downshifting is not as much of an issue. After all the contrasting views I figured they put it on the bike for a reason, may as well use it.



The way the tranny's designed poses no problems shifting w/o clutch. The real reason the clutch was put there was for launching the bike in the first place, and feathering if necessary on particularly tight/difficult sections - not necessarily for shifting.

However, shifting sequentially [w/o clutch] will wear down the tranny in time, and also the clutch. So, my philosophy has always been, "if it's not necessary to shift clutchless, use the clutch." In race senarios, shifting clutchlessly will not take as much effort, nor will it take as long, so it's totally understandable. But leisurely/not race riding, just use it.

don't be such a puss buckWR450 just shift like me and someday you'll be as fast as me!!!!

(sorry for stealing this thread he's my homie and i just had to)

p.s. new wr450 very nice bike!!!!!!! big ups

If I have my hands full, I don't even think about the clutch. When up shifting, I just snap the throttle towards idle then back on to unload the tranny. When down shifting, I snap the throttle up to unload the other side of the gears in the tranny.

I've had a Rekluse clucth for the past year and a half and as with any centrifugal clutch, by design, the clutch is always engaged whenever the engine speed is above idle. I'm sure it wears the trans (dogs) faster than with a disengaged clutch, but to me, it's way worth it. You quickly get the hang of unloading the gears to make a smooth shift.

I too asked this questions. Since then, i use the clutch all the time except when im doing wheelies and change gears in the air, i just ease her up one at a time until i run out of gears (don't take long) and i don't think there is enough strain on her then to do any damage.

I would say use the clutch whenever you can, but particularly for downshiftiing It's important to change gears like you mean it.

On a side note, cos this is my 1st WR, the gearchange seems very stiff. Does anyone think that Yammy may have stiffened the spring in there cos I know that there was trouble with the dogs on 3rd and 5th, or are all models like this?

Or maybe it needs to wear in?

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