Help. Broken spark plug cap.

So working on my bike the other day, the spark plug cap got broken. I went to the dealer to inquire how much to replace (expecting $3-5 or so) and to my surprise they say it is $70!!! for just that cap? Anyone know where I can get one? The weather is crazy warm here and I want to go ride before it snows again.

Oh. It's a 00 426. Thanks.

They may have looked it up for a 450, in which case it would also be the ignition coil. The part for an '02 YZ426F (5BE-82370-00-00) shows a price of $45 at Check with TT OEM.

They looked up the 426 and it was just the cap. I was surprised too, but I was right there when they did it. mr.cycles is definitely cheaper, but still...$45 for a spark plug cap? It's $42 at TT OEM.

Does anyone think I'd be able to modify the universal caps to work or is there a resistor in the cap on these bikes? What size is the wire?

The reach of it and the seal to the cam cover are the custom features I don't think you can duplicate.

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