what will pass?

what pipe will pass the CA db test? i was informed by mr. ranger that they will be doing db test and giving out tickets. he said no way in hell will the white brothers e- series pass :) what will? please help. i dont want to drop another lump of cash to find out it wont pass.

thanks kevin

What is the required db level in CA? Here in MI it is 94 dbs. Stock will pass, FMF power core four squared with the quiet core endcap passes if the sillencer has just been re-packed. The FMF mega max can reach that level too if it is repacked and disks are removed. I can't remember how many disks it was because it was a while ago that I used the mega max. I have heard good things about the Big Gun exaust. It claimes to be at 94 dbs.

My stock '99 silencer w/Thumper Racing Quiet Core was measured at 95dBA - I think the limit is 98+/- 1, so 99 dBA.

Not sure of which aftermarket pipes will pass - good luck.


Heard from mr. Ranger..96db...

Good F#$@ luck..


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