gonna jump on the rekluse bandwagon

HELP!!!! Ok maybe that was a little over the top. But I need some info about the perch adjuster. I trimmed the boot, cut down the stock adjuster, got the longer clutch cable and READ THE DIRECTIONS 100 TIMES. What gives with the clutch actuator ( lever on the motor). If I pull in the clutch, it moves about a half an inch, maybe an inch. I have all my adjustments as far out as they go. It seems that the cable doesn't have enough length. Can someone point me in the right direction. I am getting a little frustrated. I can't ride yet anyway. Factory connection has my suspension and it is snowing now. So I guess I was right when I said "HELP!!!!!!"

thanks, you guys are the breast.

do yourself a favor and just put the motor mounted springs on and forget about the perch mount,then save up for a rear hand brake:thumbsup:

I think thats what I'm gonna do.

Totally agree with nixing the perch adjuster. I have 40+ days with my rekluse and haven't used the perch adjuster override since the first couple minutes of the first ride after installing it.

And with the 450, there's never a need for it if your in the correct gear.

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