are 426's competitive with 450s?

im thinking about racing my '01 426 pretty soon and im wanting to know if it will keep up with the big boys.

A lot of variables in that answer. How good are you? How good are they? If you are equal...I'd give the advantage to the newer 450...better cornering...weight...power...all in all..just have fun.

yea im all about fun, im not a great rider. actually i prefer just to go out and tear it up on a track, not necessarily race. im more of a drag racer than anything and i have got pretty good with my 426.

The short answer is 'yes'. But remember, it's 90% rider and 10% bike. Also remember that just a few years ago your bike was arguably the best motocross bike on the planet.

The newer 450's are a little lighter, a little more powerful, and if the rider has taken the time to set it up right will most likely handle a little better. But none of that to the extent that it will make a lesser rider go faster than a better rider.

I race my '02 offroad all the time, MX once in awhile, and I finish ahead of guys on brand new bikes...and guys on older bikes finish ahead of me.

Power wise they closer than you think, I think the biggest thing is the suspension. Spend the money to get yours worked over and it will be very close.

Just like above it's all rider...Heck, I do just fine in 250c on my all stock 1999 yz400f. I even pull my fair share of holeshots.

I feel like my 426 is still competitive with newer bikes. Its a little on the heavy side, but so am I....LOL.

You bet IMO. A good performing front supsension is key for cornering the 426 since they can be a little top heavy. I don't think most of us average Joes here are going to ride a new 450 to the max potential anyway. I honestly don't think I would be any faster on a newer 450 - especially in the woods. (Not to say I don't have to work a little harder to ride my 426 than I would a new 450) There is still no replacement for being in good physical shape regardless of your skill level and what you ride.

Without a doubt it is competitive. They were and are still great bikes. The only downfall is starting. Don't fall and don't stall.

I remember racing my '01 and trying to restart it after falling in a turn. An exhausted body and a hot and recently tipped over 426 make for a slow restart.

Hell, I get my ass kicked by 400's all the time! Sheeet, even a 250 passed me last time I was hitting it!

Once, on a ride with several people we had just met, I was asked by one of the guys on a CRF450 how old my son was. At the time he was 14. He then said, "Really? How long has he been riding that 426?"

I told him, as I grinned broadly, "That's a 250F" :lol:

One of the biggest hurdles with 426 against the new ones has got to be the compression braking.

I swapped my 426 for an 06 450 last summer at the track and coming into a corner at a good clip; I chopped the throttle where I normally do, expecting the normal amount of decompression, and just about flew over an 8 foot berm. I locked the bike up and slid into the corner.

That lack of decompression really adds a lot to overall speed and definitely takes less out of you.

Get into some rollers and the 426 kills you compared to the new 450's. The bike just dives when you chop the throttle.

well the good thing is, the only other bikes ive ridden are a XR70, XR100, and a CR230F (426 is a bit different than them):lol: so im learning to ride on a tougher bike than a new 450, so if i end up upgrading, i might end up being a better rider after i get used to it.

The 426 is top heavy and does not turn. So if you suck like me than the 450 will make you suck less.

lol yea i suck alot, so if that makes me suck less, then right on!

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