oring chain:is a spacer required?

I have a DID x ring chain on order for my 07 yz450 at my local dealer and the parts guys says to put a spacer behind the counter shaft sprocket.Is this true or not?I havent ran an oring chain since my 1995 wr250.I usually run the a regular DID chain.

I think you'll be fine without the spacer. A buddy of mine has an 07 with an O-Ring chain and has had no problems.

No spacer is required. You will, however, want to stay with a narrower chain such as the ORN6 Regina, or one of the DID premium chains, and be very critical of your rear wheel alignment. Otherwise, the chain may hit the inside of the frame near the sub frame bolt.

I just put a "parts unlimited" x-ring chain on my '06 and it clears the case fine.

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