offset triple or Stormlink?

I'm totally in agreement with mountainman. There's just no way I'm gonna convince the wife that a new bike is in the works, although I'd love to get an 06' or an 07'. I realize (along with mountain'), that you're just not gonna get an 03'-05' to handle like an 06', it's a pipe-dream...but why not try to squeeze as much as possible from the pre-06' models??

The Stormlink definately helped my bike (especially since i got it for $75), resetting the sag to about 102mm, replacing the front tire with a Pirelli Scorpion Pro, and I'm going to try raising the fork tubes from 5mm to 7 mm. Other than it's so-so turning, I love this bike for it's Power, and dependability. Not one problem so far, except for a blown fork seal. Maybe as Mountain' wrote, the stock radiator could possibly use the DR. D lowering kit (maybe needing some retrofitting), along with routing the upper hose in front of the stem. If MXA magazine wrote:

"You'll never find another mod that can improve the handling of your bike so much for so little money" and later "This is a must-have product" (February 2007) Than I would think it's worth experimenting with.

Gray, I realize I may be barking up the wrong tree, but IF I could lower the radiators about an inch, don't you think that would be relatively substantial??

If it requires new Radiator's, than I think the effectiveness wouldn't be worth it, but if I can use the existing rad's somehow, it's worth a shot.

Mountain', gotta admire your "Can-do" attitude, let me know if you come up with any brainstorms on doing this.


hey finally someone agrees with my half fast ways:banana: i just got back in from trying to fit the 06 lowering kit. there are a couple issues besides having to run the hose around the stem. 1st is the header pipe will be a problem unless you run a lowboy header. (white bros,Dr.D,or FMF makes one) even though the brackets allow for forward movement i run rad gaurds that won't allow any more forward due to fender clearance:thumbsdn: this might not be such a big issue with the stock rads as i run fluidynes:excuseme: 2nd the 06 rads must not have that bolt behind the rad as its not in the destructions. 3rd i found a pinhole in one of the cores of the fluidynes so... i'm just gonna get the PWR's and a FMF lowboy header pipe and be done with it! worth it? probly not..but ya only go round once:ride: hey flint i'll give ya the lowering kit 1/2 off if ya want it. i just loose fitted it and didn't hurt anything,maybe it'll work with the stockers:thumbsup:

Mountain', Yeah I just might be interested in getting the kit 1/2 off...I'll let you know. I briefly had time to go out in the garage. I think your absoulutely right about the header is gonna interfere if the rad is lowered substantially. If the stock rad's are used, how do you go about using a hose to go around the stem?? I guess you gotta de-weld the upper tubes, or jury rig something?? Let me know. I won't have time to go out in the garage tonight and visualize everything.

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