lower oil drain hole stripped out.

I have searched on this and found a few guys this had happened to. They got great suggestions and i was hoping to hear from them on how the surgery went. I was changing my oil and i forgot about the bolt being upside down and i tightened it in stead of loosining it. When i finally got it out by turning it the right way i new what had happened. The threads were full of metal. As Red Formen would say "Son of a Bitch." so any way has this happened to anyone before and if so ow did you go about fixing it. This is oly the third time i have changed the oil on this bike which is my first bike. Any advise or solutions would be great but i would really like to hear what people have doneto fix their problem. People who would like to criticize me please keep the comments to yourself i am really beatting my self up over this over here.


Heli coil and green lock tight. I striped out the threads on my 99 back in 1999. I haven't had any trouble since.

Lewichris, I am ashamed to say that I did the same thing. Buck is right put in a Heli Coil. Just be careful when you tap the hole it wanted to go in crooked for me. Now I have steel threads that will not strip.

Be sure to use a shop vacuum when re-threading. Even though gravity will make most of the chips fall down, why chance it on your trusty steed!

....Not to change the subject but check your private mail re: the boots you have asked me about a few times..


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Another trick to catch the tap filings is to fill the reliefs in the tap with some grease. The filings stick in the grease.


you all are great. I think i will take it to the yamaha shop and have them do it. That way i cant screy up anything else. thanks so far for the help.



I did the same thing some time ago - IT IS NOT THAT HARD TO REPAIR! If you decide to do it let me know, I spent the $60 for the tap, coil inserts and insert tool and have plenty of inserts left that I can send to you. I do want the tap and tool back but the process is very simple. I drained the oil and layed the blue beast over on its left side on a small slope, drilled the hole with grease on the drill bit, then tapped with grease on the tap to catch the small pieces. Then installed the insert with the provided tool. I was very surprised at how clean and easy the whole process really was. I dont trust dealers! :) Send me a P.M. or e-mail at flamed1@juno.com if you want to talk further. :D

Good Luck,


you should have a machinist put a heli coil in there that way you can use the right drain plug and not go crazzy wiht other stuff. good luck

thanks to all. and mostly thanks to Brian (Flamed 1) for their ideas. I talked with a machiniest to have him use the stuff that brian sent to me and he said that he would just put in a timecert. So i asked how much. He said 20 bucks. I said holy $hit. To me to have it done by someone else is money well spent. Seeing how i stripped out the bolt in the first place. So brian when i get your things thanks a ton and i will return them to you with some beer money but turns out i didn't need them after all. but thanks for trusting me. One other thing that the machinist said is that you have to use a new crush washer everytime you change the oil. From here on out i will put my ratchet on my seat screw and loosen and not change any thing on the ratchet and then do the oil drain bolt. this should help. Thanks again all and thanks the most brian.


Lewichris....You may also have him put a timecert in the lower oil filter bolt hole (Hex Head) sooner or later the metal filings that get trapped in there are going to strip out the hole. It's happened to several of us.

Something to think about....

Bonzai :)

thanks i will hav him do that

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