handebar risers

I Have An 02 Xrr And Am About To Replace The Bars. While I'm At It I Would Like To Add Some Risers, I Was Wondering If Anyone Out There Could Recomend A Set Of Risers That Would Mount On To The Stock Clamps. Thanks

I got a set from these guys:


With stock bars, it works with stock cables and mounts to the stock clamp.

It raises both up and out about 1.5 inches, which was perfect.

Those look really good, if a guy wanted to get by on the cheap, I've been looking at the tusk bar risers. The max lift you can get out of them is 35mm, but they're only $20. They don't offset the bar fore or aft, just raise it. :lol:

The risers on my bike are the same dimensions as the Tusk brand you are checking out. They will put the bars back a little but make a nice difference for us tall guys. I rotated my bars a bit forward to make up for it. I have bought a few Rocky Mountain house brand items in the past and found them to be of good quality.

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