yz graphics stink..........

I cant find anything different or good to go with same old same old stuff that everyone has.....I want to do white or something different. Where can I get the lucas oil graphics or has anyone found anything that is different?

design your own....decalworks and about 30 other graphic companies can do it ....:lol:

sorry about my post links but i think it will come up and ask you what year bike but if that does not work then just go to www.motosportoutlet.com and then search around

Thats my prob people that do white....90 precent have these 2 kits. But so many awesome kits for say honda or other models but I rather have a ugly kit and a good bike:ride:

I have the Lucas Oil graphics onmy bike I ordered them straight from Factory Effex. They were $139.99 for the entire kit.

I got white plastic for my 04yz450f this x-mas and ordered what I thought was a snow camo graphics from one but they sent me the 06-07 model so I have to get the shrouds custom made but I got the order for free since they messed up.So I pay 70$ for a custom snow camo shrouds to imitate one idustries. Are you sticking with a blue gas tank? If not which tank are you going with?

xgxracing.com thanks that is a great site. has anyone bought anything from them yet? just wondering on quality.

I bought a set for my KXF and the quality was excellent! Seem to very durable.

XGX site is awesome !!!! to bad i already know im going with the 50th aniv. yellow/black scheme on my yz450f (old school rules)

I just saw a white "Doug Henry" graphics kit for sale, can't remember where so just google it and you'll find it...I wanna say UFO but can't say for sure..

Here it is...One Industries sells the White kit....

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