Where to buy tires?

Sorry to ask this but did'nt find it in a search. I had a few places saved on computer, but they vanished. So where is everybody buy their tires from? A couple of place have them cheaper than others but the shipping sucks. Thanks for help.

My two cents: If you're not comfortable with mounting them, or don't want to invest in the tools to do so, buy from your local dealer. I've gotten great prices from mine and he cuts me a break to have them mounted so in the end it was cheaper to buy from him. I don't have to do frequent tire changes so it doesn't make sense for me to have all the equipment to do so and since I have a streeet bike also, I'd have to mess with bead breaking and balancing. I'd rather spend the money elsewhere and give my dealer some biz. I save some by having the rim off the bike also.

Motorcycle Superstore

Chaparral Motorsports

One caution, ask about how old the tires are and try get ones less than a year old...i have seen new tires with date codes that are 4-5 years old. The codes are normally a 4 didgit number, the first 2 nunbers are the week of the year and the next 2 are the year. Example: 2306, made the 23rd week of 2006.

I don't think tires qualify for free shipping:thumbsdn:

I don't think tires qualify for free shipping:thumbsdn:

You are right, they want to keep the profit center of shipping and handling charges. Most places charge $10-12 per tire. I had to send two tires back to Denver from SF. Took the tires to DHL, $8.80 for both. You do the math.

Try Chaparral...even though many don't like the Trailwings, they sell them for about $30 less each and shipping is $10 per...they are in CA.


Free shipping on all orders over $100 and cheaper than retail

All kinds of tires. Good luck!

I found the best price at Ron Ayers for the set of Metzler Karoos that I bought this week. $10/tire shipping, but their total price including shipping was less than others with free shipping. Ordered Tuesday and got them today and they didn't have them in stock, I guess they had them drop shipped.


iv'e also had good luck with Ron Ayers for OEM parts...

I bought a set of Dunlop 607's from americanmototire.com. Thanks for the replies.


....cyclegear.com.....just ordered an AVON GRIPSTER 130/80-17 for $64 plus $5 ground shipping.

That's $20 less than any other I have found, and shipping is half the others.


....ALERT... after 15 days waiting, CYCLE GEAR has failed to produce a tire.

They say Parts Unlimited, their vendor hasn't shipped to them....even though their web site

says 2-6 day shipping???



I purchased the MEFO Explorers from the KLR650.com website. It took a couple months to get both tires. The local Suzuki shop in Pocatello just removed the stock TrailWings and mounted and balanced the MEFO Explorers. There are some significant weights on both rims now. The DR is riding much more smoothly. I also replaced the stock front tire of my 2008 XT250 with an IRC GP1. It also needed a couple big weights for for balancing. The new tire and balance fixed the nasty front end shimmy reported by many owners of 2008 XT250 with the stock Cheng Shin 6006 tires. MotorcycleSuperstore shipped the GP1 immediately. The long wait on the MEFO Explorers is a consequence of only having one distributor in the United States. It was worth the wait.

I just bought two tires for my DR650. Looked at most of the sites. Went with www.bikebandit.com. They had the best selection of tires to choose from and were the cheapest after shipping and handleing was figured. Tires were on my door step in two days after ordering with normal delivery. Tire date codes were from this year as well.

I've bookmarked bikebandit for future reference. I checked their site for tires. They don't carry the IRC GP1 2.75-21 that I purchased for the XT250, so no comparison is possible. Ditto for the MEFO Explorers.

Nobody's mentioned independent motorcycle parts shops.

Yeah, you can't find 'em in every part of the country..but they can get pretty close to mail-order prices, and will mount and balance your tires for a lot less money than a dealer.

I mean, when you need tires for your car or truck, you don't really go to the car dealer...do you? Of course not. You hit Pep Boys, or Firestone, or Discount Tires, or an independent tire shop. I'm just sayin....


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