05 WR450f

Hi folks!

This is my first thread since joining so please be gentle!

I have searched the forum and FAQ's but i was wondering if someone can give me an answer...

I have bought an UK 05 WR450f and i was wondering if i can do the exhaust and grey wire and throttle stop free mods without jetting the bike and will it make a big difference and will it do any harm?

Thanks in advance folks

Howzer (Garry)

If the bike has never been re-jetted from the factory settings, you definitely will have to rejet after all the mods including a new pipe. Just use the database to get yourself in the ballpark. It's not that hard once you figure out which circuit does what. A trip thru ThumperFAQ.com will line you out pretty good...SC

I thought you can just pull out the exhaust insert???? do you have to put on a new pipe?

Thanks for the reply.:lol:

i done all the free mods except the jetand needle that came with it and the bike seemed to still run sweet later i bought a fmf pipe and then got jet and needle put in but generally if you open up the airbox and let more air in then youget more air out = more fuel =bigger jet. try the mods but dont do the airbox ,its noticable difference eg grey wire+pipe+throttle screw

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