Selling my 05 to buy an 06 or 07?

Take a look at my garage. The pics I have in there were taken befoer I put on the new fastway pegs or the new boyeseen water pump. Anywho. I've heard so much about how great the 06's and 07's are, Im thinkin about selling the '05. Anybody know what kind of price I could get for it? I saw online that you can get a new 05 for 5399, so Im thinking inbetween 4500 and 4800 for mine. It hasnt been ridden hard and I always have kept up with the maintanence. Oil changed every 2 rides. Just trying to get some feed back on what you guys think.

Heres a link to the garage.


You won't regret it..I loved the 03 yz450,but the 06 is all that and more..

Super smooth easy to control power,never feels like too much of a handful,

Where the 03 had all midrange,the 06 has masses of power at any rpm and at any throttle opening.

bought my 05 yz450 for $3200 in excellent shape. tons of extras and new parts, ready to race 5hrs on completely rebuilt motor

i cant see you pulling $4500-4800 for an 05.

What price should I be shooting for?

I went from 05-07 and love it. although my 05 is still in the garage. I had a couple people interested in it for 5,000 but no takers. I think i'll wait for spring and put it back up. I think I can get around 4,000 - 4,500 for it. oh yeah the 07 is a completely diferent bike. 55 is a great #, thats mine too.

What price should I be shooting for?

IMO the aluminum frame definitely did not help the resale of the steel framed yz 450. I have an 04 that i am going to sell in the spring that has many goodies and i am hoping for $3200 but will probably sell for substantially less.

i just sold my '04 this summer for 4,000 with exhaust and that was it for mods so i would think you could get 4000 to 4500 out of it.

Different prices in different markets of course..

That would go for around 4,000 around here..

Good luck with the sale

i just sold my 04: complete yosh tri oval, applied complete triple clamps, pro taper bars, new renthal sprokets and chain, pro action suspension, brand new graphics and plastic, and many other little things.......$3800 :lol:.

(it was tough to get that)

I'd take your asv lever wont make any price diff for resale....

I've got a 06 and my buddy has a 07. I really cant see a huge difference between the two. But I have several things done to mine and his is stock ,so the 07 is probably better to start with.

I kept the old levers and the old footpegs so i'll slap them back on the old bike and put the fastways and asv's on the new bike. I also still have the stock triple clamp, but I might still leave the rg3 on the 05 because it wont fit an 06 or 07.

Thanks for your input.

man put the stock clamp back on and ebay your RG3...that'll pull at least 150 on ebay i bet - assuming you have a good rating and can make a decent looking auction

I would shoot for around 4K..

I would remove all the aftermkt and put it back to stock except bars -

you can sell all of the aftermkt here on TT or Ebay for more than you will get for it on the bike:thumbsup:

The aftermarket question is a tough one. The stuff normally will not add any sale value to the bike, but it can make it sell faster. If you plan on removing and reselling the add-ons, consider that, as well as how much you're likely to get for the parts vs. the appeal they add to the bike.

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