New Picture of Trailtech's Vapor OEM


Price will be approx. $150.00

Instead of the low beam indicator it needs a neutral indicator light. Lumpy

Lumpy I am pretty sure that the one for the XR650L had a neutral light. I will be getting it in about 2 to 3 weeks. First one out!

sure wished they would let you change the RPM bar graph scale - that thing is useless for most riding with the XR650R. I only use the mode where I get a digital number readout of the RPMs because the bar is too crude below 7000rpm

50 dollars more to have a neutral light? I made my own turn signal indicators by wiring two 12V LEDs in parallel with the front turn signals, which works just fine.

Wow they already have a new model vapor coming out and I still don't even have the correct temp sensor or magnetic rotor bolt for my original vapor. All I ever wanted was a working speedometer! :lol:

I like the black color. Much better than the silver like I have.

better pic at top

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