1st gear out and ticking yz400

hi everyone. i have a 98 yz400f and in 1st gear my bike makes a ticking noise and 1st gear does not engage. i bought it from my buddy for dirt cheap thinking it was just a gear in the trans. but after tearing it apart i found not even a chipped tooth. i think the noise was part of the water pump impeller in the flywheel grinding up, but anyway could it be a bent shift fork? what's your opinion.

thanks for the help

If it will not engage first, and makes noise when placed in first, then Either you have some condition preventing the full rotation of the shift cam into first, or you have a damaged 1st gear wheel, 5th gear wheel (both on the countershaft), and a damaged #3 shift fork.

thanks. i have a complete trans coming guaranteed from ebay and the water pump impeller shaft from my local yamy dealer. hopefully all my parts will b in by next week. and ridin on sunday!!!!!!!!!1

well i got my new trans in today. and in disassembly of the old tranny i found that the driven first gear (onthe output shaft) was comlpletly rounded off where the dogs engage it causing 1st not to lock in. and the fourth gear shift fork was all boogered up and the combination of the 2 was causing my noise. next week my new piston will b here and hopefully my first ride on my first thumper will happen next weekend. woohooo!!!!!!!!!!

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