Best Tires For XR650R

What are the absolute best tires for the XR650R? I ride about 60% Street and 40% Dirt.

Please Let me know what ya'll think....

Thank You!


Those look pretty sharp!

IRC gp110's are good for more street. I like dunlop 606's for more dirt.


Si alguien sabe donde venden los teraflex , son los que mas duran en terreno duro, piedras, etc..... pero solo encuentro en tiendas USA...







Mas fotos........










you asked for it :lol:

:lol: You should get some sort of award for getting those 3 bikes in that van

Anyone else have any favorites?

:applause: You should get some sort of award for getting those 3 bikes in that van

Hehe, that was me. That was our first time cramming three in there. We got better after that.

I think this is an impossible question to answer.

The "best" tire. Best for what? Just how much wear are you willing to deal with on the street to get dirt performance? What amount of street "manners" are you willing to lose? How much .... the list of questions goes on & on and makes answering this question, at least without a whole lot more information, "impossible".

My guess is that you're asking what's the best real 50/50 tire, not a knobby that happens to be DOT legal. But rather a tire that you can actually get some pavement miles out of & still works ok in the dirt.

I happen to like the Metzler Sahara, but I hate the price tag.;jsessionid=EKUXZP25FC5R1FYKJOPCFEY?catid=7900002&productid=16163&product_list=catid%3D7900002%26productid%3D16163,

For the money & the wear, I think it's hard to beat the Kenda K270

Neither of those work like a knobby off-road, neither of them last like a street tire on the pavement - they're compromise tires, ...50/50's.

IMO the Metzler's the "best" tire, but it's really hard for me to justify the $. You could get 3 sets of Kenda's for the cost of one set of Metzlers :eek: OR you could be like me & "commute" on Kenda's & buy a Terra-flex & MT21 for the dirt weekends :applause:

I think this is an impossible question to answer.

I agree with this. Without knowing more about what you really want to do it's not answerable. What kind of dirt?

I too once had the dream of one bike for both on and off road. However, the reality of the DOT tires crushed that dream. There just isn't a tire that works great in both conditions. For a while I considered getting two sets of wheels, but the cost stopped me. I ended up getting an older street bike for half the cost of the wheels. I think that it works better on the road than my XR600 ever could. This allows me to keep non-DOT dirt knobbies on the XR600 and they allow for safer more aggressive riding on the dirt.

maxxis IT

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