Upgrading from 2 stroke KX250

I'm looking to upgrade from my 1988 KX250 to a 1999 YZ400F. That's a technology jump of 11 years :lol:

I noticed that the dry weight of the YZ400F is almost the same as my KX250 (231lbs vs 213lbs). I already have a 95 KLX650 but it's a dual sport and just too heavy out on the trails (337lbs). I'm 6' tall, and weigh around 180.

I was just wondering if there's anything I should watch out for with this bike. Are there any common problems that I should be aware of? Or should I stick with my old KX250? (I love the speed of the 2 stroke)

It maybe a technology jump of 11 years but your still 8 years behind in the technology department you should I would get something newer like an 03 YZ450F those are dependable bikes and there lighter and much faster then a YZ400F and your old KX250.

Well... as hind sight is always crystal clear....

I just kinda did the same. From a 1994 rmx250 2 stroke suzuki, to a 1999 yz400f, I will fill you in on what I have learned.

1. Learn the starting procedure. These bike with manual decomp are different to get going, and if you don't know how to start it, it is a long day.

2. Change all fluids and oil filter. I would recomend putting something like engine ice coolant in it. The yz400f's do not like to idle for any amount of time, or ride slow, the no air flow over the radiators will make them overheat very quickly. the header will actually glow red .

3. Get a good manual on it. The maint is all different on the 4 stroke.

If I had mine to do over..... I would prolly have waited and bought a 450. But I did not know if I would like the 4 stroke at all, never had one. It is a different ride, and even though the new are way fast, the 400 is no slouch.

mine will wheelie in any gear, any speed.

good luck


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