lack of throttle stop

heres a good one for ya ...i picked up a WR426 about 8 months ago, ive taken it out on tight track and wide open areas about 15-16 times and it kept up, when not beating my buddys YZ426. anyways i figured i would do the free mods.....after changing the timing, removing the gray wire, and opening up the air box i went to shorten up the throttle stop and found the previous owner REMOVED IT COMPLETLY:foul: i just dont understand why this jacka$$ would do that without the timing or the mapping so the ign is in time at high idle....anyways would it really be a problem to leave it out??:lol: i havnt had a prob with throttle stickin or nothin your input is greatly appreciated, thanks

i have a 450 but i assume there isn't very much of a difference in how the two FCR carbs work. if you take the top off the carb, there is a good chance there will be marks where the slide or it's linkage have made contact. that is what is stopping your throttle from twisting any further. will it break anything? only time will tell. i know i would rather have a screw taking the pressure rather than the slide mechanism.

You defiantly don’t want your slide hammering the top of the carb. Spend the two bucks and get a YZ stop.

Don't give it full throttle again until you get a correct stop put in. Take the slide out and inspect for damage. Also make sure the cables aren't frayed.

speedy guys confirmed my suspicions...i checked the cables while i had the cover off and they look good but havent had the top of the carb off yet, so i guess i better pull the slide this weekend and check it out after i pick up a stop bolt thank you thank you:cheers:

I would go buy a new stop screw at yamaha. I have read other posting where there is a potential to have you throttle stick wide open. Just my two cents worth

i read that in here to at some time...i havnt had this bike stick yet but i used to have an 83 ktm 500 two smoke and that thing would stick on sometimes and woohoo what a ride!!! haha

Search the forum for "Cracked Throttle Slide" This will give you a much better idea what to look for since many people have taken a quick look at their slide and not found the problem (the first time).

My screw was cut too short and the throttle spun, stuck open and bent the internals. OK, so the carb was off the bike but the point is that it wouldn't have happened if that screw was correct and fitted. :lol:

Just my 2 cents......

yeah im definatly gonna fix it after a very close inspection of the slide cause from all your guy's input it got my attention that it is a bigger deal than i thought

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