XR600 bogging/stalling

My buddy says his 1997 XR600 is bogging down and stalling on hard acceleration. He says he has to roll it on smoothly to keep it running. I told him it sounds like a vacuum leak. Any suggestions? He says it has been jetted and it has an aftermarket pipe.


normal XR600 trait. when going slow, then whacking the throttle, it will cough stall.

get a new carby - only way to fix it

i have to agree with rmhrc630 thats what i did and problem gone you gotta love the pumper carb

Sounds like it's time for a pumper carb, Edelbrocks work great..:lol:


I would suspect lean jetting. The stock 600s that I have had with aftermarket air filters and pipes needed anywhere from a 168 to a 172 main jet to run properly, stock is 165. The stock pilot is a 152, I would go one or two higher. The 600 runs pretty well with a well jetted stock carb, but an Edelbrock makes a great big improvement.

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