HELPP XR650R sputters but will NOT START

Someone please help me out here. I am getting ready for a desert ride this weekend so in my infinite wisdom I thought it would be time for a tune-up on the BRP.(03 XR650R). I pull the carb and take it to a carb shop and had it cleaned.. it was dirty. OK I get it back re-assemble everything and NOW THE BIKE WILL NOT START.. What is more frustrating is that it will run for about 2 seconds then dies. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING.. NEW PLUG, CHECK THE FUEL,....

Now when I got the carb back he did unscrew the I screwed it back in and took it to 1 3/4 turn out. Bike currently has 175 main and 65S..

I do not know what else to do.. If anyone has any ideas.. PLEASE LET ME KNOW... I NEED HELP ASAP..

Also where should the the throttle stop be.. he had that all messed up as well?

Well, first check to make sure everything is in working order. I know some of these may sound mundane, but you might be suprised how much gets looked over...

Start from the fuel tank; is your fuel filter clogged, or partially clogged? Will the bike run if you turn the petcock from 'run' to 'reserve'? Is the fuel line coming from the tank kinked or clogged? How bout the gas cap; is it letting air through?

If all that checks out, and your getting fuel TO the carb, then check air flow; make sure your filter is clean, and nothing is impeding the flow of air, including in the exhaust...

If all that checks out, then check to see if your getting fuel/air to the motor. What you could try doing is taking off the intake boot, and looking into your carb. Try some starting fluid. If you can get it to keep running on starting fluid, then your carb isn't working right...

Lastly, where did you take the carb? What I would reccommend, is getting the Honda service manual (if you don't already have one), and go through the the troubleshooter in there. That should be able to help you solve your problem.

Since the problem arose after the carb was removed and cleaned, I would suspect that the carb is the whole problem. Take it back to the shop and have them fix it.

Yeah, I thought about that but he just cleaned the carb and nothing else.

Everything looks fine... I don't know what to do but I did order the Baja Designs Electric start kit... I am in serious pain from kicking the H@#%$ out of this thing.

Have you tried to have someone pull you to start it? Or going down a hill and bump starting it?

Sounds like something is sticking inside. If you don't take it back to that same shop, then do the trouble shooting part in the service manual. That will help A LOT about 95% of the time.

Could the idle be set too low??

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