R1 style dual headlight for wr's

a buddy of mine said he seen (somewhere on the net) a pic of a company making a stylish motard type headlight assembly that had two light assemblies shaped like the r1 for dirt bikes and it looked awesome, does anyone here remember ever seeing one like this? with two slanted to the side, areo type headlight assembly for our bikes????

oh yeah - sounds sweet put me down for one if anyone knows where they are

You're not talking about the "Diamond" Headlight by Acerbis are you?

I think I may have seen another one in a mag that looked as if it were actually made from R1 parts, but have no idea how / where to find it...

Look anything like this?


lol, don't mean to offend anyone but hell no, tha'ts not Pretty (imho), but im sure it works well.

lol, don't mean to offend anyone but hell no, tha'ts UGLY (imho)

I agree, but it's more than just ugly, it's FUGLY:lol: No offence dbleon.

Hey that's cool to each is own... it's better than those stupid square baja designs ones! IMHO

Oh and mountainmax I looked at your bike, nice poser racing stickers on your numberplate... Thats what I call cheasy IMHO.

I quite like that light, when I swap over I might look at them if No one can find this R1 lookalike thing

Was talking to my buddy again, he said he had it bookmarked at home but he was wrong, still can't find it, I told him he must have dreamed it........

AND Dbleon I wasn't bad mouthing your bike, no name to pick things wrong with my Baja design bike with a sticker on it, i just asked about a certain headlight and your ugly one was not what i was looking for, and i said no offence, guess you did take offence, relax.......

My bad I didn't mean to go off like that... But I was just wondering what you think is good looking?

P.S. I bought mine because it worked very well on my buddies bike and I need excellent night lighting. The looks were really secondary for me... But alot of people shoot me compliments on it so alot of people must like them!!

NP, we all get excited sometimes, but it's too late now, i just went out in my garage and took the heat gun and removed my number plate stickers :lol:

That's funny, but good descision!

Well, Dbleon's light may be different, but the cyclops is DOT with glass lenses and a lot brighter than the 35W bulbs found in most of the cool looking setups. Although you can upgrade these to brighter bulbs at the supposed risk of melting the plastic.

Good job on disarming the animosity. One of the coolest applications I have seen is to buy two headlamps and a windscreen for a buell. Graft them on the front of your bike. Although this is mostly a supermoto/ street application. The site I was going to reference is in the middle of changing servers but here is quick chop I did in Photoshop. You get the idea.


now that dual setup looks different, I like that, how about you dbleon??

I forget where I saw it, but you might be talking about the set up they are using for the Dakar race.

WoW, that looks awesome, Im not sure if that's what he saw but it must be close, custom looking forsure, including shrouds, now where can I by one of these??


I may be way in left field on this but i've seen something like what you've described on ebay. it has 4x20 watt light bulb's in a V formation. i think if you type in enduro headlight, or enduro fairing on ebay you should find it. They souldn't be more then $100. hope this helps if not, good luck.

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