Impact of rear axle position on handling?

The Renthal chain the bike had when I bought it was very long (120 links) which required the chain adjusted bolts to be extended almost all the way out. I am replacing the chain and sprockets because the guy I bought the bike from NEVER lubed his chain.

Thanks to GrayRacer - I am installing a Regina ORN-6 chain on 49/13 Ironman spockets using a TM Designworks chain slide-n-guide and power roller. The 120 link chain they sent is way too long. I want to take a few links out and move the rear axle forward to the middle of the window. I know this will shorten the wheel base and provide better turning, but less stability.

(1) Shouldn't this also put more weight on the front wheel which would help turning?:lol:

(2) How many links are you currently running?:confused:

I think that moving the rear wheel forward would put less weight on the front wheel...either way I don't think that it would make enough of a difference to be noticeable. The biggest difference you will notice will be the effect of shortening the wheelbase by an inch or so.

I am running 14/50 gearing and I believe I have 118 links...but I'm not certain.

Stock length for an '06 is listed as 114. You are always best advised to test fit the chain before cutting it, or you may find it's too short, even after cutting it off twice. :lol:

Moving the rear wheel forward moves it closer to the center of gravity, which puts more of the weight of the total mass on the rear. Moving it back does the reverse. You can probably notice handling differences between the axle being at the two ends of the wheel slot, but they would be fairly small differences, given it's only about two inches from one end to the other. Just moving the axle up to the center won't change it a great deal, really.


I run a 14/51 combo on my 426, 116 links for the chain puts the adjustment in the middle of the marks.


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