BRP Triple Clamps

Is there a difference between their regular XR650R triple clamps and the blue "1X signature series" clamps? Looking at the image they look identical except for the color of anodizing and the Campbell endorsement.

I'm about to order the full sub-mount Scotts setup from them, plus the lower triple clamp, yet before I drop the coin on that I want to make sure I explore the option of swapping out the clamps for the blue version. Color is irrelevant to me - is there anything "better" about the blue version? Or is the blue stuff identical to the "OFF-Road" version of the black clamp, which combined with the lower clamp actually costs the same as the blue stuff.

Requirements for me are mostly the ability to move the bars up and forward, and both clamps seem to offer that.

Any recommendations for what bar bend I should get to match the submount setup for a 6'2" rider? 1" rise coming from the submount setup doesn't seem near enough. My current bars are close to stock rise and standing on the bike I think I'd like almost 2" rise over what I have now, plus some forward relocation.


The only difference is 1. cost have someone elses name on your clamps(johnny Campbell) and 3. the blue color. I have and love the full BRP submount and triple clamps in BLACK. FYI I think Scotts make the setup for BRP.

I agree with NWThumper. Love the BRP clamps and submount. Went with black.

I may be comparing apples to oranges but, I put a set of BRP triple clamps with a Scotts stabilizer on my CR500AF and I got the stabilizer under the bars setup with the factory Suzuki bend bars. Having the stabilizer under the bars raises them more than an inch. You can get a different bend on the bars to go even higher. When I talked to the guy I was ordering from (sorry,can't remember the name), he was pretty good about discussing details about what I was looking for as far as bar height, width, and pull or sweep.

I went with Scott's sub mount, It's gun metal gray in color on the clamps.:lol::confused:

Great set up..:crazy:


I went with the BRP top triple clamp and the GPR sabilizer. Its not the sub mount. but it works great.

It's an E-line unit. Kevin Hines. The rear unit blows, typical acerebis crap..... but the front has been great, the battery is very small and in the headlight computer area.........

It's an E-line unit. Kevin Hines.

Thanks for the info, but damn- thier website blows chunks. I'll write to them...

the campbells are moved up farther over the front wheel than the stock .the fast guy,s like to ride over the top of the front wheel .check with the guys at brp they will help you out .great bunch of guys !!!!! as for the riser kit .just installed one on my brp and love it .stabilizer is mounted low and out of the way and bars are moved up to fit me better.great investment .at least for now .good luck !!!

I have the standard Scotts top triple clamp mount, and just got the BRP submount retrofit kit. Put the spacer on the steering stem under the top triple clamp, flip the stabilizer arm 180 deg to point forward. but when installing the stabilizer the arm rubs against the stem nut.

the arm on my stabilizer has a little offset. Do i need a flat arm? anyone using the BRP retrofit kit had a similar problem?

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