Does a 06 yz exhaust system fit 07WR450?

Does a aftermarket 06 yz450 system fit a 07 Wr450??

And why is there listing for some systems 06 yz450, and then a different part# for a 07 yz 450?

I just ordered a White Brothers Aluminum Pro full system exhaust for my 07 WR450. I ordered for an 06 YZ450, although it's the same part number for 07 YZ450. I should have it intsalled by this weekend. I'll let you know.

If you use the full exhaust(muffler and header it will fit).

The muffler wont fit on the new wrs header as it is smaller it tapers in near the engine.

Yes this is true i found out the hard way, I got a white brothers e2 and had to go back for the right one. The pipe is great and im going to run it with out the sparkarestor this weekend. :lol:

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