Eibach Springs Open House-Corona, CA.

Sounds great... My son and I always take a look at the facility every time we drive past it on the way to or from the tracks. Let us know when!

wow Eibach meets are fun. I attend the other eibach meets like NWP and Honda-tech meets there. hopefully i can make it depending on the date.

So when is it? Am I too late?

A couple of week's notice as Brian said, and I'm there. Thanks for considering such an event.

It has not. I will set the date Monday. It will be a Saturday afternoon :applause:

I'm in, just bought one of your springs today at Race Tech.:p Please broadcast the date to all the forums as I don't always check the Suspension forum. I'm only 20 minutes away from your factory.:excuseme:

been over 4 months. This sticky is losing some of it's grip

was there a tour? or is there going to be one?

Sounds great! With 2 or 3 weeks' notice, I'd be sure to sign up to visit.


Hey Guys,

Eibach Springs would like to open its manufacturing facility on a Saturday or Sunday in a month or so and invite any local Thumpertalk Members to attend. What do you you guys think?

Open house will include:

-Facility tours

-Free lunch

-Free raffle

-A chance to speak with some of the top tuners in the area

-Works bikes on display


Our manufacturing plant in Corona, CA is 165,000 square feet. Most of the Eibach Springs sold in the Unites States (moto, off-road, nascar, formula-1, etc) are made here. It is a pretty amazing facility.



WOW! That tour was great. Wait....That's right. It never happened! Maybe on the anniversary of this sticky it will happen. Won't be too long now.

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