'00 426 r/ caliper piston

Ok, so I have a dumb question.

I have a new piston and seals for the rear caliper on my 426. What I can't see in any photo's is the orientation of the piston.

It has an open cavity on one end, and a smooth face on the other.

My question is which way does it go into the caliper?

I would think the open cavity faces away from the rotor so the fluid would fill it up and push the smooth face against the pads but I am unsure.

Hopefully somebody knows.....


i was just reading that last night in the manual, I can't remember which way goes which but i do remember it tells you in writing in the manual....the picture might not show you but read......

yes its page 5-17 in the book(the 99 yz400 manual) there is a caution note 3/4 way down the page saying "for the front caliper, install the piston with its depressed side facing the caliper. For the rear caliper, install the piston with its shallow depressed side facing the caliper. Never force to insert"

Picture wasn't too clear so I wanted to check...


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