Info: Fiiting Acerbis Rally Pro


I have gone for Acerbis Rally Pro fixed hand guards this time (fed up of broken levers and pinch little fingers).. so i'm after advise and tips for fitting these ie best way to cut grips, fiiting inside the throttletube etc etc etc...

Thanks in Advance


Do a "Search this Forum" for "installing handguards". There were a few good threads on the topic that helped me through the installation of my handguards.

Did that.. but did not find any real info on cuttting etc etc of the throttle end... thanks though

Have a look at this thread.

and this one

Here is what I did, rightly or wrongly. I cut an X in the end of the handgrips with a pair of scissors. On the left side I just used the scissors to trim the end of the grip until the hole was the correct size. On the throttle side, I rolled the end of the grip onto the throttle sleeve. Like perhaps a 1/4 of an inch or so. This way I didn't have to remove the grips or the throttle tube from the bars.

I then tried Indy's recommendation about using a drill bit to cut a hole in the end of the plastic throttle tube. That didn't work too well for me. So I loosened off the throttle housing, slid the tube over the end of the bar a bit, then used a hacksaw to cut the end of the throttle tube off. In hindsight, this is what I should have done right from the start. I cleaned up the plastic shavings and deburred it. Then I readjusted the throttle housing so that the throttle tube wouldn't bind on the handguard. I then trimmed the end of the grip with the scissors again being sure it did not bind with the handguard. But I did try to ensure it would be extremely difficult for dirt and debris to find its way under the throttle tube.

Hope this helps.

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