My '07 450 is almost here!

Hey guys.

I just got the email from my buddy at the Yammie shop letting me know my WR was at the warehouse. It could be here as early as tomorrow.

I prolly won't sleep until I get it now...

I was thinking that I would ride it 100% stock a few times, then do the free mods. I am a little concerned about riding it without tearing apart the swingarm and improving the lube situation back there though.

I did a search, and it seems like some of you put a few miles on your bikes before you tore the ass end apart. I figured I would do all the carb work and associated free mod dis-assembley at the same time as the swingarm.

So, do ya'll think I can ride it a few times and be alright without the extra lube? (don't read too much into that last sentence, you dirty minded bastidges! :lol: )

Thanks for any advice.


Ride it then lube it. Ride it until you have collected all the parts you need for your mods/improvements and then go to town on the bike. This way you might save some unneccessary duplicative assembly/disassembly. The bearings may not be slathered in grease but there's enough in there so as not to cause any damage.

just make sure you dont have the hole in the air filter problem

before you ride it :lol:

I just got mine mod'd, cost $200 for the dealer to do it, WHAT a difference! Don't even bother riding it until the mod is done unless you like to ride the TT125, really baddddd. Can't wait to go out again now that it is done.

I'm actually the one who brought the problem to the attention of my dealer, thanks to this website. You bet your booties I will be looking at that before I take it home.

As far as doing the mods first.... When I got my '02 XR 400 brand new in Dec. of '01, I got a pipe and some other stuff for it almost immediately. So I never really got to experience the differenct that stuff made to the bike. So I want to drink in the slowness of the stock bike first. I'm betting that even in choked up form, the WR will smoke my slightly modified XR.

Then I'll open her up! :lol:

I got an email late yesterday letting me know my bike was on a truck, enroute to the dealership.

Thats funny. I got my WR home after riding my brother in laws YZ. I rode the WR up the street expecting the same as the YZ. I turned around and asked myself, why in the hell did I buy this gutless bike. Found Thumper Talk that night and learned what to do to ale this bikes lack of any power, and did them immediately. What a difference. Also have the FMF Q4 installed. And filled the hole in my air filter with RTV.

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