what fits an 06 WR450

Just picked up an 06 WR450. I plan to make it a supermoto, and am wandering what bikes and parts will fit it. I heard 04-05 YZ450 stuff fits? I'm looking for exhaust, wheels(if YZ supermoto wheels work on WR), some triple clamp.....


wheels will fit easy, you need yz450 spaced wheels and acaliper bracket, new chain, 320mm disc and sprockets and you are ready to go - dont know about other parts but you may wanna get a new bigger caliper for the front if your racing it

the hubs from 99 to 05, and 06 wr are the interchangable with YZ spacers between YZ/WR and CC dosn't matter. I have a YZ250 rear rim for my WR450 to put a paddle on.

Please post some pics of her as you do her up.....

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