Anything new on a stator for 06 - 07 450's for light output?

good luck swat!

just picked up my bike yesterday, so over the next few weeks I'll be checking it out

Ahh nice man! I'm still working on mine :applause: I was trying to get mine inspected this week but that's not going to happen now. All I can say is don't try and mimic Doug Schopinsky's 10 minute tire change haha. The article is great; I was just rushing and spooned my tube on the last inch of the bead. :applause:

If you’re still planning on changing the gears, a trusted friend of mine highly recommended a mechanic here on island. PM me if your interested.

Good luck with your bike and keep us posted! If it comes out anything like that DRZ I know i'll be drooling over it.

:applause: Just a note:

I installed a 50w stator yesterday on my 2006 YZ450F. I got tired of searching for answers and coming up empty handed so out to the garage I went. I don't have a light kit yet but it lit my test light pretty well, a small victory but a victory. 14.??v at high idle only 7-10v at normal idle. I figure I will supplement the power with a battery at stop lights and in traffic. Mods to fit the stator only took about an hour with basic hand tools. If interested pm me and I'll walk you through it.

Which stator did you use?

I assume you got the one from Lakes and Trail? I did call them - seemed like a nice guy, and he said he had made many of them. I had already ordered mine from Electrosport, but that was like 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't shipped yet. I'm getting kinda frustrated with those guys. Gonna call them today, and if I don't like what I hear, I might cancel and go with L&T.

Shouldn't need a battery if all you need is headlight and tail/brake light. Keep the whole system AC as it comes from the stator. Just use a voltage regulator to keep the voltage from spiking. Using a rectifier to change the AC to DC will cause a loss of available watts. I will be running a 35 watt Acerbis DHH headlight (the one with the single bulb) and an LED tail light. Both of these are rated to run off either AC or DC. The Baja Designs tail light only uses about a half a watt for the brake light and about .06 watts for the tail light. If you need turn signals, K&S just came out with some dot approved LED ones that use only .4 watts.

No, I did it myself using the 50w moose racing stator for the 05 and mod stock 06 stator bracket.

the stator is a generator, right?

it generates power to the ecu by a winded copper wiring on it self

so why not talk to an electrician to make an adicional winding over the original one ( obviously whell isolated). if done prolerly it does´nt even need a rectifier, and if is does need that is easy to find.

I just dont see the point of the "engine off, lights on" requirements by the inspection. what if it was a WR being inspected? or old bibes like the TT, XR, XT?

I just dont see the point of the "engine off, lights on" requirements by the inspection. what if it was a WR being inspected? or old bibes like the TT, XR, XT?

Wr's have batteries for that reason. It's so that you can still be seen on the roadway if the engine stops.

Don't know about all states, but in Hawaii, it states the tail light doesn't have to be able to run with the motor off as long as you have rear reflectors

Any more news?

My stator from Electrosport just came in yesterday.

Will have to mod it a little - the place that makes them for electrosport messed up on the backing plate and they need to have them re-done. Godd news is that the new stator parts will bolt on to the stock backing plate, so rather than wait, I just had them send me one and I'll switch the stuff over myself.

Been having some difficulty finding a DOT legal LED rear tail light. Finally ordered one off ebay that is for a Yamaha R6 and I'll just make a custom bracket. Once I get my inspection, I'll just slap on my Baja Designs light.

Got my Trail Tech Vapor wired in to the stock electrical system, well at least the power and tach hookups. Quick test ride verified all was working.

So I should be able to get the electrics all up within the next week or two.

Now if those Marchesinis would just get here!:applause:

Nice Swatdoc! Sounds like it's all going to work out :applause:

I just got a vapor recently too. The power wire's only function is for the backlight. I'm leaving it unhooked for now.

My tail light only says SAE on it. I sure hope it passes. Dang it's fricken huge too haha. Who sells a DOT sticker! Thiks DOT deal is anoying.

Good luck man,


DOT thing is REALLY annoying!

If it says SAE you're OK - either or both is fine

I've thought of a sticker too! A nice clear overlay :applause:

Having the power hooked up is nice if you ever do ride at night - keeps the backlight on constantly - otherwise you have to hit the mode button to light it up for 3 seconds at a time. According to Trailtech, it only draws about 1/1000th of a watt - not enough to affect the bike - you just have to make sure it's connected to the correct wires otherwise it CAN cause a problem

I bet if you got the D,O ant T stamps out of an old typewriter, taped them together and heated the letters you could imprint the inside of the light's lenses. :eek:

Yeah it's nice to have the backlight. There was some misconception that the vapor would loose some of it's primary functions if the power wires weren’t hooked up. Just making sure ya knew :applause:

any updates swatdoc?

Hey Chris - little did I know when I bought my bike and ordered wheels that Marchesinis are backordered about 6 months!!!!!!!!!! People that ordered theirs in oct and nov are just getting them. Motostrano has my rear, but still another month or so out on the front.

How frustrating!

Right now I decided to tear the bike down to the frame and go ahead and get it powdercoated. Suspension is on the mainland right now getting revalved.

I pretty much have everything ready to go for when the wheels get in. Only major item I'm waiting on is the stage 3 cooling kit from PWR, and hopefully that will be available soon, as it's going thru testing now.

I THOUGHT I would be riding my bike by now!!!!

swatdoc: so you got the lights/electicals all figured out? how much did it cost to get it hawaii legal?

pretty much got it all figured out. main item was the stator and regulator. also expensive was 2 sets of led turn signals at $100 a pair. Got everything I need to hook it all up. prob spent about 600 or so for electric stuff. would have been MUCH cheaper if I didn't have to use led turn signals.

Motostano did get a rear Marchesini shipped today, so I'll be able to work on that at least.

Well after a month on the mainland I'm finally back and got an inspection this past week. Everything on the bike passed but then to my surprise the inspector tells me that I need a rear reflector for the tail of the bike. I asked, "I thought you didn't need one if you had a battery?" He said I did. Bleh. Anyhow he was pretty friendly and told me just to make sure I had it on there when I come back to pick up the completed paperwork.

I figure a trip to the local bicycle shop is in order tomorrow.

The inspectors changed, at least for the time being. I had to take my bike to the recon station because the usual inspector is on leave for 6 weeks. Anyhow my experience with the recon inspectors was a good one. I have heard numerous stories otherwise but I'm pretty sure that was because of different circumstances.

I'll post a couple pics tomorrow when I pick up the plate. Can't wait!! :)

Has anyone confirmed that the WR stator in conjunction with the WR flywheel and cover will work? I still need to find a more permanent source of power. Swatdoc I may be giving you a call soon buddy. Hope you get both of your wheels soon!

Thanks all :thumbsup:


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