Anything new on a stator for 06 - 07 450's for light output?

Has anyone confirmed that the WR stator in conjunction with the WR flywheel and cover will work?

You would also need the WR crankshaft, or at least, the left axle, as it is longer than that of the YZF.

Mike - my wheel saga continues. Motostrano shipped me the rear they had in stock. Mounted my 160 Pilot Power. Then discovered the offset was so far off the chain would have to chew thru 1/4" of tire just to run straight. Called Graves and Mach 1 who both race Yamahas, and was assured that they run 5" Marchesinis with no sprocket spacers - chain clears fine and all they use is the Graves chain block on top of the swingarm to limit side to side movement.

So I'm like &%$#@!?????

Soooo - a few calls to QTM, and emailing them pics, and we finally discover my wheel has the wrong sprocket and disc carriers!!!!!!!!!!

Soooo - another $25 to take the tire back off, $38 shipping back to QTM to have them switch out the carriers, return shipping, and then another $25 to have the tire re-mounted! I ship it out tomorrow.

Some luck, huh?

My front wheel is supposed to be in next week.

Picking up my frame this week from powdercoater's - will be a nice semi-gloss black.

Thanks for the info Gray. Shoot, that's too bad, I was really hoping that stator would work.

Swatdoc, sorry to hear about your wheel issues man. I would hope that they would pay for the shipping and your tire mounting because you couldn't have known it was wrong until after anyhow. They really should cover those charges. Hope you get the right ones soon. I can't believe you have the bike already torn completely down! Heh, sounds like the bike is going to be sick. I love the powdercoating idea. It’s going to look awesome.

I had a saga of my own the other day trying to finish all of the paperwork for the bike. I figured getting the bike to pass the recon inspection would be the most difficult part of the process, damn was I wrong... I picked the completed paperwork up from the inspector and took the bike to a dealer for a safety inspection. No problem there. Once I had all that I headed to the nearest Satellite City Hall to get the registration. I went to Kalihi, stood in line for almost an hour while I watched one person work at the counter and four other employees not doing anything. It was frustrating to say the least but what was more frustrating was the lady telling me that the dealer I bought the bike from needed to sign the registration card. So I drove across island to find out that the dealer would only sign that card if it the bike was sold as street legal. I went to three other DMV's two of which wanted me to fill out this lengthy dealer tax form, wait two weeks and then come back. This was all over the dispute of me paying state taxes on the bike in which I had the bill of sale with the sales tax being clearly paid. Finally the fourth DMV I went to helped me out after a little whining and a whole lot of begging.


There is some definite confusion in the process leaving nobody wanting to sign your paperwork! Anyhow good luck because from my experience you will need it. What a headache, but finally...



Looks good Mike!

which DMV was it that finally helped you?

Should have mentioned that! Heh, it was the Kailua branch. Just make sure you have the bill of sale with you. Like I said before, there is some tax issue. They have you fill out a tax form and make a copy of the bill of sale. Make sure you check "other" or there is a lengthy follow on form. I checked other, explained that I already paid sales tax and the bike was not street legal upon purchase. You will see what I am talking about when the time comes.

On another note, I took the bike for a little cruise around the block. Off the side of the road there is a little place where all the grommets ride their dirt bikes. I flew in there and off of one jump and completely torqued my brand new plate, haha. I should have seen that coming, attaching all that crap to the flimsy rear fender. I think I can bend it back ok. the plate is going to go in front of the rear tire this weekend.

Do you know if you are required to have turn signals or not? I see a lot of other motorcycles running around without them. I just don't want to become a cop magnet anymore than I already am. heh :thumbsup:

Mike - thanks for the info.

As for turn signals - in my opinion they are not required. I base this on the following:

- In the Hawaii law book (Hawaii Revised Statutes) it states under the section on turn signals that only vehicles that are more than 24" from the center of the steering column to the outer edge of the vehicle, or are in excess of 14 feet long are required to have turn signals. Our bikes don't fit either catagory.

- In the Revised Ordinances of the City and County of Honolulu, it states that vehicles MAY be equipped with turn signals and other auxillary lights. To me, the word "may" means it's optional. For headlights and tail/brake lights, the R.O.'s say that vehicles SHALL have those items. The section in the R.O.'s also says these items may be required if stated so in another area of this section. I have found no other area in the vehicle equipement section that even mentions turn signals.

- the vehcle inspectors want to see signals to give you the permit, beause they are going by the FMVSS (federal motor vehicl safety standards). The thing is, FMVSS only apply to manufacturers, dealers, and repair shops - they have nothing to do with what makes vehicles legal on the street - this is specifically left to the individual states. The only time FMVSS apply to street legality is IF the state law specifically refers to them. In the Hawaii law, I have only found referencesto the FMVSS for window tinting and electric vehicles. The vehicle inspectors are nice guys and I don't want to argue with them or rock the boat - so I'll have signals on my bike long enough to get my inspection, then they're gone. For safety check purposes, just have whoever is doing that inspection just leave the area for turn signals blank, just like they would for a windshield which motorcycles don't have.

- If you go to the AMA website and look up state laws, it states turn signals are not required in Hawaii - obviously their lawyers agree with me.

- Another thing to think about is that it is a requirement in the law to give a signal by lamp OR HAND when making a turn. If signals were absolutely required, why would they even have it in the law that you can use a hand signal?

- you make your own decision on whether to run them, cause you're the one who might get stopped. if you do get stopped, and the officer notes your lack of signals, RESPECTFULLY ask the officer to show you in the law where they are required, because it's your understanding that they're not required - he/she won't be able to. If for some reason they still want to cite you - definitely fight it in court.

If you wanna hook up one day, I can make some copies of the sections in the Hawaii law I'm referring to, and also show you the FMVSS, and how their own website says they don't apply to the end user.

nice bike MikeDD and I know Swat's will be nice also. :thumbsup:

your stories of trying to get registered turn me off from pursing a street legal yz450f. Boy what a pain in the butt. And dealing with all the inconsistencies the C&C has besides also the state is confused as hell.

good work guys.

on a side note I saw what appeared to be a wr450 07 on the street with sumo set-up. anyone know the guy?

Chris - I haven't seen the guy on the WR. My friend Steve just got a REALLY nice CR450X in from the mainland.

I think the more we convert these bikes, the more the DMV people will get used to it and there will be less problems.

Mike - is that red tape on the side of your rear fender reflective to act as the reflector requirement? If so, where did you get it?

Thanks a lot for that post Swatdoc. That is great information regarding turn signals. If I do run into any problems I’ll know exactly where to look to dispute them.

The tape on the rear fender is DOT construction tape and yes it meets the reflector requirement. Airboy, it's kinda funny that you mentioned a 07 sumo WR because I helped my neighbor and his brother put one together a couple months ago. Not sure if it’s the same one you saw but it had black excels and blue talon hubs. Anyhow they gave me the reflector tape that was left over. They said they picked it up from a sign shop in Kalihi off of Dillingham for $10. I thought I had about a foot of it left but I am having a hard time finding it. If I find it its all yours Swat, I'll put it in the mail for you. If not I'll try and get the name of that shop.

As far as the inspection goes you have to have red rear side markers, yellow front side markers and a red tail marker. I was surprised that the inspectors didn't hit me on the front markers because those turn signals on the headlight don't say DOT on them but maybe they overlooked that. I wasn't about to point it out.

Airboy, inconsistencies is the perfect word because the hurdles seem to be different for different people. My neighbor who got that WR plated told me I would want to pull out all my hair before I finally got a plate. I laughed at him then, but he was right. Hopefully, like Swatdoc said, the more bikes that get done the easier it will be on everyone.

Swatdoc, I can't find that left over tape I had. No idea where it went but if it turns up I will hollar at you. I did however get the name of that shop. It's called Sandy's Signs and it's off of Waikamilo street just past the Chevron. Good luck bruddah.

I'll check it out - thanks Mike

I have been trying to get a hold of a stator. Electrosport has been back ordered for a while and I'm getting frustrated. I was trying to look up Lakes & Trails but havn't had much luck. Does anyone have a number or website for them? Thanks a bunch

Mike - try this number:


Starting to get my bike back together finally!



Thanks for the number Swatdoc. I talked to Ryan at L&T who said he could turn around the stator in just a couple days. Nice thing about it is I don't have to mess with it. Just have to send him the assembly with the cover and all, he will rewind it and give it back to me the same way I sent it.

I knew the bike was going to look good but that is ridiculous! It's unbelievably sick! Nice job! Damn it looks like fun! I can only imaging how much patience you have not to have ridden it yet. It will be well worth the wait though.

Did you do anything internally to the engine?

Hope to see you crusing around here soon. Good luck buddy,


Thanks Mike - stay tuned for some more pics tomorrow.

Motor is stock internally. Only changes were Hinson basket and slipper, and the Boyesen water pump impellor and cover. Carb is getting modified - already have the acc pump linkage from Ready Racing and the R&D float bowl. Gonna send the carb to Zip Ty for the other mods. Will be running the FMF 4.1 carbon/Ti pipe w/ megabomb header. I'll see how the power is with that first. If I want a little more (IF - yea right!) I'll sent the head off to RHC for some porting along with some new cams.

Sounds like a great combo Swatdoc. Can't wait to see the finished product :thumbsup:

this guy has yz450f lighting stators 06-07, his web is

Starting to get my bike back together finally!



Those pics are Beautiful! Nice looking bike! Thanks for the good info I got from this thread also. Thanks to a search I dont need to ask any questions!

Hey Swat, post some finished pics when you get a chance:thumbsup:

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