Anything new on a stator for 06 - 07 450's for light output?

did anyone find anything out about a stator from

Not knowing anything at all about it possible to make an '06 YZ450 capable of running a non-DOT headlight that is useable for high speed nightime offroad use? Maybe something like an 8" HID? I guess anything is possible...but can it be done without breaking the bank?

The only stators being made so far are from Electrosport and Lake & Trail (rewound stocker).

Both units only put out a max of 50 watts.

Barely enough to power a 35W headlight and an led tail light.

If something requires more than 50watts, you're out of luck.

Anyone have a website or email for Lake and Trail? Also, whats the price of them rewinding it?

I have an 05 and called Eline accessories (mike I think) and was told that they don't make them for an 05 anymore I guess a low demand? Also called Baja designs but don't want to pay $500 plus cost of a new extended shifter and tax even though it's a 100 Watt output for lights and 100 Watt grip warmer. Electrosport is the only affordable $180 50 Watt Stator maker for mine. My 05 stock stator can't be rewound don't know about newer models though?

Anyone have a website or email for Lake and Trail? Also, whats the price of them rewinding it?

L&T charged $200 to rewind mine. Only contact info I have for them is their phone number. 231-258-6767

E-Line and Baja Designs make nothing for the 06 and up YZs - the whole design of the stator was changed.

I know it's an old thread, but I just found these guys in the process of trying to set up lights on my '07 yz250F.

They're in the UK, but have a new style 450 stator.

BTW, did anybody find a source for 100+ watt stators for the newer YZF's?

good find - another option for us. Looks pretty much like the Electrosport unit. Really they will all look pretty similar, as there's really only one way to do this - you have 4 poles available, so you re-wire to use 2 poles for the ignition output and the other 2 for the lighting output. With only 2 poles available for the lighting output windings, it's gonna be just about impossible for anyone to have more output than 50 watts. The new design of the ignition, and the small size of the stator is what limits it.

If someone would make an aftermarket flywheel with stronger magnets, then we could possibly get about 70-75 watts out of these stators, but the only people that make them that I know of are Trail Tech - and they have no plans to make them for our bike.

Only other option if you need more than 50 watts is to replace the entire crank, flywheel, stator, and ignition cover with 07/08 WR parts, and you're probably talking $1000 and up to do that, maybe a little less if you do all the labor yourself, but splitting the cases on these bikes is not a task for an unexperienced mechanic.

try your bike may not be listed but as i was told.......they do have a set up much like the package for cr450

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