EBC clutch kit

How many of you have installed these EBC clutch kits? (springs & disc) Any problems ?

R or L? I've never seen anyone recommend anything other than OEM, Honda clutches are pretty good.

Thanks I just noticed my signature was gone. I reloaded it. 1994 XR600R.

I have installed on a xr600r , I was impressed and it is alot cheaper.

I would buy again for my next clutch.

I think I have to install a new clutch on my 91 xr600r, in about 3rd gear, when I really wack it, it seems like my engine revs really high and my tire should be digging like hell, but it isnt. Are these symptoms of a spent clutch?

I dunno. So far mine is OK, I think. I'm getting prepared or doing my homework ahead of time. Try testing it on pavement. & I think I saw somewhere, maybe manual, cruise in 5th gear & pull in clutch momentarily while keeping steady gas , and release clutch. RPM should momentarily rise with pulling in the clutch & then drop imeadiatly when releasing clutch. Does this make sense?

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