NGK sparkplugs.

Is this the only manufacturer that makes plugs for our bikes. Aslo does anyone have a good cheap mail order place to buy CR8E and CR8EK's. Thanks alot. I have checked rocky mountian already and they have the E's but not the EK's

thanks guys

You got a part # on that Splitfire?

My CR8EK's run me about $9.65 a plug

Bonzai :)

then don't buy them!


:) Thats the funny thing about spark plugs, When I ran my R1, I serviced it myself, plugs from the local shop cost up to £7.50 a plug, (CR9E) however from my local motor factors I paid about £2.75 a plug, just a bit of difference eh?!

Both NGK CR9E, both in the same box etc etc etc!


Go to . I think the CR8EK is under six bucks.


The Splitfire plug number is: SF430C. That's the equivalent a stock CR8E plug.

I paid $4.95 for them from dennis Kirk or Chapparrel. Probably can get them for less if you dig around.

Give 'em a try, I'm pretty happy with them.

Oh, something else about plugs.

Even if you're plug is fouled, it's not wasted.

Grab some oven cleaner and spray the plug. Let is soak for 24 hrs in a small cup/aeresol cap, then rinse well with water. Voila! It's clean! Works great on headers, too!

A precaution is to use rubber gloves and eye protection, this stuff burns the skin and eyes.

Try it...

O'reilly auto parts has CR8E for less than $3 ea. It is their part #1275.

Steve T

What is the difference between NGK CR8E and CR8EVX spark plugs? The dealer told me the VX is just a high performance plug, but it costs three times as much as the standard plug. Is there a change in performance or durability using the VX plug?


splitfire makes a nice plug,resists fouling :)

And I was upset because I'm paying $5.25 for the NGK's at my local shop.

Thanks Mike for the the oven cleaner idea. I tried to clean a fouled plug the other day and nothing was working. Now I know what to do with that oven cleaner I've had for 8 years. Between riding and wrenching, never have time to use the oven anyway LOL....

I work at advance auto parts while going to school. cr8e spark plugs are just around 3.50 and theyre part number is 1275. I use these plugs exclusivly because with my discound i can get them for under $3.00 :) hope this helps

Autolite has a plug match for CR8E and fouls less than the NGK!


Autozone does have a website but I couldn't find the NGKCR8E w/o a lot of hunting. However, they do have a store locator which would be the easiest thing to do...

Good Luck,

Steve T

harbor freight has a spark plug cleaner that uses compressed air and abrasive to clean splugs. i bought one a while ago and it works great. it was very cheap too.

TAFFY...Your not supposed to drink the water in the Bong when your done smokin......

Thanks Mike....I'm gonna try your Oven Cleaner trick tonight...

skthom2320: Is this auto parts co on the web?

Good leads guys...Thanks.

Bonzai :)

Thanks Guy's....I searched the internet last night and found a place called Club Spark Plug

$1.88 each on CR8E's the EK's were $5.00 each which is almost $5 cheaper than I was paying. I think I'm gonna order a box of 10 8E's for $19.00, that should last quite a while. These folks even have the 9E's and the 10E's so I might get a couple each of those and try them out.

I did the Autozone and Advanced auto thing during the day yesterday....Their computers kept saying that the NGK's and the Splifires were unavailable. The O'Riely auto parts thing was the same. It looks like the big O stocks accourding to customer demand and there isn't any in GA.

I did try the Oven Cleaner thing last night. It appeared to work great. I rinsed them off before coming to work and they look like new. I'm going to load the EK I fouled a couple of weeks ago and try it out again....It only had a couple of hours on it when I flooded it on start-up.

LINE #150 on this spreadsheet contains all plug brands and numbers that are known to be compatible with the CR8E. I made several inquiries that have yet to come back. I cannot find anything concerning the Bosch Platinum +4 for the WR anywhere....Will keep looking

Bonzai :)

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Just wondering what the average life you all are getting out of one plug? I know some don't ride as much as others but I seem to be getting around 6 months or so before I notice some differnce in the bike starting while cold. I replace the plug and starts easily.


Are the EK's the ones with the two posts that come from each side of the threaded area??


Yz Ernie, EK, yes 2 posts

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